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Remesol - 100ml, Pack of 2

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unitPack Size: 2 x 100ml

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Remesol is an amalgamation of ancient knowledge, pristine herbs, and modern science. To take care of all your body pains naturally.

While modern science came to know about arthritis around 100 years ago, the great Ayurveda which was written around 5 thousand years ago has mentions of arthritis, types of arthritis, symptoms and also medicinal herb from mountains of Himalayas for its remedies.

The same ancient knowledge, pure oils and pristine herbs of Himalaya have been used to create Remesol.

TVC’s scientists get these herbs handpicked from Himalayan forests, and process to take out extracts in the form of pure oils from these medicinal herbs. Remesol has been manufacture in the most modern state of the art GMP facility of TVC Life Sciences which is situated in the lap of pollution free Himalaya Mountains.

TVC Remesol is manufactured and packed with seamless fully automated machines without any human touch to maintain hygiene standards. TVC Remesol does not contain any artificial perfumes, color or chemicals. Centre for New Medicines, California tested Remesol on people suffering from pain. In the study it was found that Remesol starts working from the very first application. In clinical test it was found that there was a significant reduction of inflammation in patience suffering from pain.

About TVC Life Sciences :

We operate with a well balanced fusion of nature and technology to create our products. TLL reports ultra- modern, WHO GMP & cGMP compliant, state-of-art manufacturing facilities with scientific precision and technology, benchmarking the highest quality formulations invented and manufactured.

Our health care range caters the need of modern society and offers a substitute to the chemical based products available in the market. Our products are innovative and are clinically proven safe for internal as well as external human use.

TVC Remesol has no chemicals, so it does not have any side effects.

So now don’t suffer from Cervical, frozen shoulders, back pain, knee pain or any joint pain.

Remesol massage therapy can soothe pain, relax stiff muscles and reduce swelling. Hot fomentation brings faster relief. Remesol oil quickly gets absorbed with a gentle rub or a massage on the affected areas like hands, feet, knees, shoulders, muscles of the neck, arms and legs and reaches deep into the tissues of the affected area with inflammation (swelling) soreness, stiffness and pain, in turn providing relief and internal healing.
Turmeric oil, Winter Green oil, Pine oil, Mentha oil, Camphor oil, Cinnamon oil, Staff Tree oil, Guggulu oil, Ginger oil, Sesame Oil, Eucalyptus oil, Castor oil, Lemongrass oil, Clove oil, Vitex oil,
Remesol is 100% herbal and no known adverse effects are noted on its usage. It is non habit forming & non addictive. If you use Remesol oil and capsules as prescribed every day for 6 months, you are bound to get relief in Arthritis. However if you continue using Remesol regularly you shall have healthy bones & joints and live a pain free life.
Remesol oil is to be applied locally 2 to 4 times daily depending on the severity of pain. For best results Remesol should be applied on the affected area and massaged gently in circular motion for about 2-3 minutes and then covered with clean cloth.

Additional Information

SKU Code TVC-423
Brand TVC Skyshop
Concern Bone & Joints, Pain Relief
Brand Origin India
Ideal For Senior Citizen
Lifestage Adults
Container Type Bottle
Veg/Non Veg Vegetarian
Dosage 2 times a day
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