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We at Zotezo, publish expert-driven content on everything wellness. Our readers come to us for content that spans a wide range of interests including diet & nutrition, health, beauty, overall well-being, and product rating-recommendation.

We publish diverse voices that represent the latest developments in the world of health, and wellness.

So if you are an expert, and have the writing skills that you think would work for us, then join our community and become a writer at zotezo.

We are building the world’s largest community for everything wellness, and inviting you to join the journey.

We’ve built a platform for experts to publish their expertise through health, beauty, fitness content & reviews to network with our curious, avid readers & knowledge seekers.

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Who Can Write For Us?

Any Health, Beauty, Fitness Expert or Professional can become an author.

Not an expert? No worries. You can still contribute by collaborating with any wellness experts.

As an author, you can contribute:

  1. Articles on Health, Beauty, Fitness
  2. An Interview (Audio or Video) of an Expert
  3. Rate Products and Services
  4. Share ancient healing wisdom
  5. Write articles on latest developments in the world of wellness.
  6. Share wellness experience and inspirational stories

What are the benefits of becoming an author at zotezo?

We will provide you with an author page after your successful author registration.

You will get a chance to include your social media links, biography, website, achievements and many more.

Not only this, you can enhance your corporate branding (if any) for your customers and moreover, achieve thought leadership.

Besides all this, you’ll be getting some common advantages –

  • Your work will be adequately observed by our experienced SEO specialists and Content Editors, and you will obtain appropriate feedback. This will help your articles to rank better in google for global outreach.
  • Moreover, you will be able to include a short form of BIO at the end of your posts.
  • Your site and social media channels will get a do-follow backlink.
  • Your post will be dispensed on our social platforms and may earn a spot on our weekly newsletters to a large audience base of half a million. This will definitely enable you will get a newer audience for yourself or your brand.
Collaborate with us
Collaborate with us

How can you become an Author at zotezo

Creating an author account on zotezo is very simple and it takes less than two minutes. 

All you need to do is click on the below button, complete your registration process and hola, you are ready to post your first article.

And guess what? It’s absolutely FREE.

Requirements and Guidelines for writing an article

  • The most important thing is, you should not write duplicate content. Your content has to be unique and free from copyright violation.
  • You can write your ideas, experiences, recommendations only on health, beauty, fitness topics.
  • Your blog or article has to be at least 500 words.
  • Your article should not contain any immaterial outbound links.
  • It is your responsibility to reply to the readers’ comments frequently so that they could see you as a part of the article.
  • Try to include an impressive title that makes people want to click.
  • The work of every individual is respected and appreciated, and if your work is different from someone else idea, then credit will be given to you. The same thing should be followed for the photos you post on your articles.
  • Affiliate links are not allowed in any article so please do not add any.
  • Besides everything, the quality of the article is of utmost priority.
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