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To prevent the spreading of CoVid 19 most of the countries have advised their people to stay at home and avoid social gatherings. People who are exposed to infected people are asked to self-quarantine for at least 14 days.

Now it is not a sci-fi movie or TV series where you can just wear a suit and roam around the streets. In reality, you will need to follow a few protocols and restrict your movement if you are under self-quarantine at home.

Before we tell you the steps let us see the what is the basic difference between Isolation and Quarantine.

Difference between Quarantine and Isolation

Though Quarantine and isolation both separate people from social gatherings and prevent the exposure of the coronavirus, they are not the same.

In Quarantine, normal people who were exposed to any contagious disease, such as coronavirus infection are separated to check if they become sick.

In isolation, diseased people are completely isolated and kept at a distance from the people who are not sick to prevent the spreading of the infection.

Guide To Self-Quarantine

1. Keep yourself in a single room

Try to restrict yourself to a single room only. It is more preferable that this room contains an attached bathroom that no one else uses.  There should be absolutely no visitors allowed in that room. Do not roam around the house. Wear a surgical mask always and change it every 7-8 hours. You should not re-use the masks. The mask should be disposed of in a closed bin.

2. Come in contact with none

Try not to come in contact with any member of your family. If another member must enter your room, they should wear a surgical mask and protective gloves and should dispose of them in a closed bin. This member should keep at least 3 feet distance from you and should not touch you in any condition.

3. Other members should be protected

Every other member in your house should wear protective masks and keep the maximum possible distance from you. Any elderly person, children or pregnant women should not come in contact with you. Everyone in your house should wash their hands frequently with soap and water or with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer frequently. If they are unable to find alcohol-based hand sanitizer in stores then they should follow the WHO guideline and make their own sanitizer at home.

4. Everything you use should be disposed

In this quarantine period do not share anything with others. Any clothes, masks, linen, clothes should not come in contact with others. If anyone is cleaning your utensils then they should wear disposable gloves. Any utensils, bowls, glass or anything that you use should not be shared with any other person.

5. Go online

If you need to buy anything, try to order it online and pay the store through online apps. Ask the delivery agent to put the product on a clean mat and keep a safe distance of at least three meters from you.

6. Visit a hospital if you show symptoms

If any symptoms of coronavirus infection such as fever, cough, shortness of breath arrive then immediately contact the government helpline number or pay a visit to the hospital.

What All Do You Need When Asked To Stay At Home?

Many companies have asked their employees to work from home. The government have declared closure for schools and other government offices to prevent mass gatherings. The movement of yours is told to be restricted. Most countries are asking their citizens to be at their home. Thinking about what would you need when you are unable to run into the supermarket often?

  • Try to stock up the groceries for at least 1 week. Store flour, rice, lentils, dry fruits, nuts and things that have a long shelf life.
  • Have your essential medicines stocked up.
  • Have a good amount of soaps, hand wash, and hand sanitizers. If you are unable to find hand sanitizers in any store, follow the WHO guideline of DIY hand sanitizer and make one at your home.

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To keep yourself entertained, read books you wanted to read for a long time and did not have the time. Binge-watch your favorite TV series and spend time with your family.

Maintain hygiene and wash your hands frequently every hour for at least 20 seconds. Wear protective gloves and a mask if you are quarantined. Restrict your movement and keep a safe distance from others.

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