Editorial Policy

Count on us to be neutral. Our reviews & recommendations are and will always be unbiased!

We know that it’s easy to find, and access information on wellness. But, it’s confusing when it comes to believing in these readily available content. We acknowledge that you’re an individual with specific health, beauty & fitness goals and we’re here to support you with trustworthy information to help you be in the vigour of body and mind.

Why Trust Us?

We have a team that consists of medical experts, qualified doctors, pharmacists, and editors who have both experience and expertise in research and medical writing. We publish both Top 10 Product Recommendation and Medicine articles which are curated through a well-structured editorial and review process which includes an in-depth review.

Our Wellness Advisory

The members of Zotezo’s Wellness Advisory are recognized experts in the healthcare domain from leading academic and medical institutions of the country. They evaluate the content from an expert‘s point of view to ensure that it is scientifically accurate. The advisory ensures that we consistently improve our standards of medical, healthcare and wellness data.

Our Experts

Editorial Procedure


Our team of experienced editors spends hours per week researching, conducting hands-on tests, studying market research, reviewing consumer feedback, and writing up all our findings into comprehensive reviews. We don’t believe in using an algorithm to choose the products they’re all hand-picked and researched by us!

Content Creation

We curate our medical content from original research articles published in medical journals, review articles, practice guidelines. To ensure consistency in our other forms of articles, we have a well-defined structure to promise that any health, beauty, fitness, or we create is unique. 

We then collaborate with our expert healthcare professionals to verify or additionally create content. They also share their reviews and ratings in the case of Top 10 products as and when required to make it more accurate. Also, we never recommend something we wouldn’t buy ourselves.

Another important thing that we do follow is giving citations and references wherever required. We make sure that every fact, statistic, or any scientific claim is always backed by appropriate and standard references.


Any information or language that we adopt to write our articles is reviewed by an editor for any kind of language inconsistency. Our main aim is to assist users to understand our offerings. So, consistency is requisite that helps users understand and anticipate what we offer them in their journey to wellness.

Review & Publication

Once the article or post is ready, the entire information is assessed by subject matter experts. This process helps us dig deep, and identify any error, or readability difficulty. We want any content that goes out to be contextual, easy to engross, and simply EPIC. When this process is complete, our post is ready to go live!


We love to hear from our readers and welcome both positive, and negative reviews. User feedback is extremely important to understand how our content is helping people make their lives better. Feedback can help us provide actionable insight to improve existing content and gain knowledge on customer preferences. 

Users can either comment below the desired articles or can even let us know by visiting this page


Our expert team periodically reviews the content, and continuously monitor the health and wellness space. We have a set update schedule for articles, but updates can also be influenced by:

  • New Brand Launches
  • Recent Research and Advancements
  • New Clinical Findings and Guidelines
  • Latest Drug Approvals
  • User Feedback 

Both editorial and experts are proactive enough to research any of the above-mentioned scenarios, and determine what revisions are needed, and republish the updated content as, and when required.