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Mrs.Swati Dhingra Chawla, a Postgraduate in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics(Msc.) , Certified Yoga Trainer and Alternate Medicine Practioner (M. D-Certified)has 11 years of broad expertise working in the field of nutrition & dietetics in all aspects of nutritional counseling, health care, and medical nutrition management. She has handled patients from new-born to old age and excels at her counseling skills. Her objective is to invest the best of her knowledge and experience which plays an important role in improving the standards of health care. She has been reshaping lives with practical and easy to follow nutritional plans.

She brings great enthusiasm about nutrition whether leading group classes or providing one-on-one counseling to clients regarding weight loss, meal planning, disease prevention, and management and nutrition education providing with recommendations for food choices, portion sizes and eating behaviors and ensuring that you maintain a nutritious diet specific to your health. She is qualified to give dietary advice for acidity, anemia, arthritis, Bariatric surgery, cancer, diabetes, gall stones, gastric diseases, gout, hair and skin problems, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, kidney disease, liver disease, menopause, osteoporosis, pregnancy, surgery, weight gain, weight loss, all kinds of medical conditions, etc.

Providing nutrition services in a convenient manner as per patients comfort, making use of digital technology, so that patients can get the care they need at the tip of their fingers and without having to take time off from work. She has been actively involved in organizing and conducting nutrition educational seminars for parents of preschool, school children, conducting theme based corporate health camps and diet consultations. She has expertise in handling paediatric cancer  nutrition too. Also, due to her passion towards the science of nutrition, she loves to write articles and blogs disseminating nutrition and health education to the society.

She is the Founder of Nutrition Garage – Nourishing Lives and her motto in life is: – “Eat well, live well, Stay fit & healthy” with nature’s gift of good food and balanced lifestyle.

Work Experience:-

  • Consultant Dietician at Agarwal Hospital, 5.0 years
  • Sun Pharma Laboratories Ltd., 5.0 years
  • Ranbaxy ,2.0 years
  • Tata memorial Hospital, 3.5 years
  • Hinduja Hospital , 4 months


  • MSc. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Certified Yoga Trainer, Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz, Mumbai
  • Certified  MD. Alternative medicine

In an exclusive interview with Zotezo, she has spoken about what is intermittent fasting and its uses and benefits.

Team Zotezo: What is Intermittent Fasting?

Dt. Swati: These days it has become a trend in today’s world. In earlier days we used fasting to cure a particular disease or to prevent it. Intermittent fasting is almost like a regular fast. For example- the fasting method we follow in Ramadan or Karwachauth. It is not something new but whatever we followed from our old traditions. It is basically a phase, where we eat and then we provide nutrients to our body. And, when we fast we try and eliminate all toxins from our body. We should always follow our biological clock and it is important to give our body rest during fasting.

Team Zotezo: What are the different types of intermittent fasting?

Dt. Swati: The most commonly followed forms of intermittent fasting are 18:6, 12:12 method or 5:2 method. 5 days in a week have normal meals and 2 days follow intermittent fasting. People also follow a 24 hour water diet which is very helpful for the body.

Team Zotezo: Who is Intermittent Fasting For?

Dt. Swati: Ideally in today’s time anyone can follow intermittent fasting. A person who is diabetic or who has poor digestive system, or even a person having hormonal imbalance can follow this fasting. Also a person who is having aches or pains or who needs good hair or skin can get into this diet if followed in a proper way. Not only it affects our body but also our mind in a good way. 

Team Zotezo:  What are the benefits of Intermittent Fasting?

Dt. Swati: Any person with any medical issues who wants to detoxify their bodies can follow this fasting technique. Fasting will flush out all the toxins form our bodies. Detoxification is the prime benefit. If you want to achieve weight loss, good health, go for it. Also, if you want to inculcate a certain discipline in your life follow this religiously. It can also help in retaining muscle mass, energy and help achieve a healthy body. Considering today’s lifestyle which is sedentary, the problems of gas, weight gain, sleep patterns etc.  can be solved with fasting.

Team Zotezo: Can diabetic people follow Intermittent Fasting?

Dt. Swati: Yes, diabetic people can also follow intermittent fasting. Initially these people may feel dizzy, have headache while fasting since sugar levels may fluctuate. If there is motivation, commitment then for diabetic people it is definitely beneficial.  Since one eats a balanced diet, sugar levels can be regulated.

Team Zotezo:  Is Intermittent Fasting an option for children who need to lose weight?

Dt. Swati: Scientifically there are no studies that prove that children can follow intermittent fasting. Children are habituated to eating junk, processed food and eating late. So, they face obesity early in life. If we try to make our children inculcate good food habits like completing dinner by sunset, sleeping early then they can helpful for them.

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