7 Health Benefits of Earthen Pot (Matka) Water



Did you know that there are several health benefits of matka water and it is magical for your health? Then just continue reading on.

Earthen Pots popularly known as matka is used as a water storage cooler for home. Storing water in a matka is an Age-old practice in India. These are used to purify and store water. matka water can sometimes be a healthy alternative to RO water purifiers.

It is believed that matka made of clay contains certain essential vitamins and minerals. Ayurveda states that matka water can be beneficial to your health since it has alkaline properties.

Now let us discuss what are the benefits of matka water and is it even safe for consumption.

7 Health Benefits of Matka Water

There are various surprising health benefits of the traditional matka water which are discussed below.

1. Matka gives Naturally Cool Water

Water stored in the matka is cool and healthy. Earthen pots are primarily used to keep the water cool and provide healing elements from the earth. It can quench your thirst and gives your body micro-nutrients. Also, it reduces the chances of throat infections which may be caused by refrigerated water.

2. Matka can provide Alkaline Water

Clay water ports are alkaline in nature. It is the alkaline nature of clay that provides the proper pH balance. This helps in curing acidity and gastronomic pains. It has wonderful effects on the body. hence it is an important health benefit of matka water.

3. Matka Water Boosts Metabolism

Plastic bottles may contain BPA (Bisphenol A) which are harmful chemicals. So, it’s best to store water in earthen pots. This makes water taste natural and pleasantly chilled Also, drinking water from clay pots will boost your metabolism by balancing the testosterone level in your body.

4. Matka Water is a Natural Filter

When you store water in earthen pots, it automatically gets filtered after 4 hours. The earthen pot is a natural filter, so store water for 4 hours before drinking.

5. Matka Water Prevents Heatstroke

Problems like sunstroke, diarrhea, dehydration, etc, are very common all year round. But consuming the nutrient-rich clay pot water can help deal with them to a great extent.

6. Matka Water is Low Cost

The filters are not only low-cost, but easy to use, and can provide enough clean water for a family of five every day. The filters require very little maintenance, provides clean water without the need for chemicals such as chlorine, and the process of filtration requires no electricity consumption.

7. Matka is Eco-Friendly

After the pot breaks, it gets depleted in the ground and hence it can be reused and recycled easily. The design of these pots makes it 100% natural and eco-friendly.

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How to store water in Matka?

  • Keep your matka clean. Earthen pots can retain water and collect germs quickly. It is best to scrub, clean, and dry the matka after each use before refilling it.
  • Keep it covered at all times to prevent insects, dust and other contaminants from falling into it.
  • Place the pot on a sturdy table or stand near a window. The breeze will help keep the water cool. During the summers, you can wrap a clean moist cloth around the matka for quicker cooling.
  • Use a clean, long-handled ladle to spoon out water from a matka. Dipping a glass or touching the water with your hands may contaminate it.
  • Watch out for any cracks to replace your matka if it leaks.


When you take necessary precautions, matka water is one of the best ways to store and have purified water. When it comes to choosing clay pots for clean, purified water opt for the hand made ones.

After reading this you might be tempted to get a matka since it gives you healthy water all year round with minimal investment.

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