Top 25 Best Beard Styles

Top 10 Best Beard Styles


In the last few years, men have given some serious thoughts about their looks, with classic styles of clothing, elegant hairstyles or the sassy beard styles.

With men flaunting their different beard styles, women were left crushing and appreciating their dapper and improved choice of looks.

The time has finally arrived when being concerned about your looks is not considered as a feminine thing anymore.

So, without the judgment crushing over, men are free to experiment with their looks, hair, and even beard. With time, different beard styles started many trends, and men were quick to react with best beard styles.

Top 25 Best Beard Styles

Beard styles are an important feature for every man to look up to. It not only attracts women but with the right style, it can also satisfy your own self and makes you feel good. After all who doesn’t want to look dapper and attractive?

And finding oneself attractive is the most important part of your entire looks and style.

Here is a quick look into the popular beard choices men around the globe are following recently or some evergreen ones still proving to its timelessness.

25. Horseshoe Moustache

Horseshoe Moustache
Horseshoe Beard Style. Photo Courtesy : Barstoolsports

For that ultimate biker look, Horseshoe Moustache is something people wouldn’t wanna miss out. This also termed as a biker moustache, and many renowned personalities have worn it on a different occasion, or still prove to you how much it is in trend. Hulk Hogan take it to the ultimatum; however, actor Ben Steller, American Baseball player Sal Fasano, Pakistani cricketer Wahab Riaz and even Australian speedster Mitchell Starc wears the same in recent times.

How to grow a Horseshoe Moustache?

With a bit of practice at first, you can easily achieve a Horseshoe Moustache. Grow a full moustache and train the extension to droop down the side of your lips, connecting up to your jawline. With the right Horseshoe Moustache, it will form the shape of an inverted ‘U’, which also applies for a horseshoe shape. These style does not need clean-shaven sides, let your facial hair grow naturally. There are many variations to this style, as a lot op also wears it with a beard growing down the lip.

Ideal Face Types For Horseshoe Moustache?

Men who have Oval or Round face shapes can wear this to look even dapper, while long faces will look even more elongated.

24. The Zappa Beard Style

The Zappa Beard Style
Zappa Beard Style. Photo Courtesy :

This look was particularly made famous solely by legendary musician Frank Zappa. This is a combined beard style that has a separate moustache along with a boxed shaped Soul Patch beard. Apart from Frank Zappa, actor Viggo Mortenson and musician Serj Tankian have worn this look quite a few times to keep it in trend.

How to get The Zappa?

This style features a neatly shaped Walrus moustache along with a soul patch that is boxed shaped, directly under your lip and not covering up to the chin. Both the moustache and boxed soul patches are thick in nature. The moustache like Walrus goes downwards around the edges but the facial hair remains neat and tidy, unlike the bushy feature of Walrus Moustache.

Ideal Face Types For Zappa

This beard style works perfectly well with Square face types

23. Lined Up Beard Styles

Lined Up Beard Styles
Lined Up Beard Style. Photo Courtesy : Elle

When you always look for perfection, you should better go for the Lined Up beard style. More than actually growing these perfect beard styles, you will need to more closely maintain it. This beard style is just like a lot of other beard styles but the edges are perfectly lined up, kept short. American Rapper Drake and DJ Khaled are known to have Lined Up beard, and by his looks, we can all agree he take good care of it.

How to grow a Lined Up beard style?

Not all people can grow this sort of beard as it needs more care and attention to it than other beard styles. You will need to keep the edges flawless almost by maintaining every inch of your beard growth. The entire beard not too long, but the facial hair is of the same size at all ends and neatly cleared in a line on the cheeks.

Ideal Face Types For Lined Up Beard Style

It will suit all face types.

22. Pencil Mustache

beard styles
Pencil Mustache Style. Photo Courtesy : Pinterest

An iconic style from ‘The Golden Age of Hollywood’, this is a popular style owned by many actors of the time and even sometimes portrayed by actors of recent times. Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, and novelist, George Orwell had the Pencil Moustache quite some time back. In present times, we have seen James Franco and Akshay Kumar sporting this style on different occasions.

How to grow a Pencil Moustache?

Pencil Moustache is thin and neat spreading along the line of your upper lip, parting a little in the middle just below the philtrum. The moustache is so sleek that it literally seems like to be drawn out on your face with a pencil. The main task is to maintain the thin line shape thus, shaving all other extra facial hair around.

Ideal Face Types For Pencil Moustache

Pencil Moustache goes well with Round, Oval and Square face.

21. Short Boxed Beard Styles

beard styles for men
Short Boxed Beard Style. Photo Courtesy : Pinterest

This is one of the popular beard styles for males all-around all over the world. Across the globe, actor Ryan Renolds, footballer Lasse Schone and Indian cricket ODI captain Virat Kohli have been showing off their respective short boxed beard styles, setting the bar pretty high. Each of the men has been successful in keeping the beard style in the universal trend.

“Jake Gyllenhaal talks about his beard style” | Video Courtesy : BBC

How to grow a Short Boxed Beard Style?

This also comes under a bunch of full-grown beard styles. The facial hair is all over the chin and jawline, leaving the upper cheek bare. The entire facial hair creates a boxed shape around your mouth and just shaping up in the middle connecting the soul patch with the rest of the beard. You can also let your moustache stay connected with your rest of the beard, or can keep a little space in between.

Ideal Face Types For Short Boxed Beard Style

This iconic beard style goes with all face types.

20. Garibaldi Beard Style

beard style for boys
Garibaldi Beard Style. Photo Courtesy : Forbes

Lately, this beard style is making all the style statement. From actors to sportspersons, Garibaldi has been around in men’s list of best beard styles to achieve. From Tom Hardy to Ben Affleck, on the other hand, from Lionel Messi to Jimmy Durmaz and even Bryce Harper have had their shares of flaunting this particular beard style, and we can not say anything but appreciate their choices. Garibaldi beard styles are a lot similar to Bandholz and will give you an unkempt and messy look.

How to get a Garibaldi?

Garibaldi beard styles might take months to grow about 20cm, but there is no specific shaping needed on your cheeks or under your lip or even on your chin. When you reach the length, make sure the extended portion is rounded at the bottom. Facial hair covers the entire cheek, chin, and lower lip area, and even the moustache is connected with the beard and just let it naturally grow.

Ideal Face Types For Garibaldi

Garibaldi beard style suits mostly on Oval and Rectangular face types.

19. Handlebar Mustache

new beard style
Handlebar Mustache Style. Photo Courtesy : Pinterest

Dating almost ages ago, this style made a comeback later on and still rocking the world. This is probably the most accepted moustache style doing rounds all over the world. Ranveer Singh, Ravindra Jadeja, Shikhar Dhawan, Hugh Jackman and Aamir Khan all have their fair share of sporting this style and inspiring many to take up the style.

How to get a Handlebar Moustache?

This is another full-grown moustache, which spreads across your upper lip and the ends curled up a bit. No matter how easy it seems to grow this one, remember, this is the toughest one. It takes up to months to set and style it up, and an ample amount of maintenance to get the perfect curl. As the curl goes upwards, you will have to be patient and keep setting the edges of your moustache with water, gel and brushing them on a daily basis.

Ideal Face Types For Handlebar Moustache

It goes across all face types but especially leaves mark on long faces.

18. French Fork Beard Style

best beard styles
French Fork Beard Style. Photo Courtesy : Stylebistro

You would not remember many people to sport around with French Fork beard styles. It is a bit different but offers you a distinct look as well. For example, we could always go back to Brad Pitt, who has quite a few outing sporting a French Fork beard style in public. Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, the Sparrow beard style can be considered most similar to this, but there are far too many differences if you look closely enough.

How to grow a French Fork Beard?

Unlike Sparrow beard styles, it can be considered a full-grown beard, but extending past your chin area. This is where it gets tricky, the extension after crossing your chin should be split into two parts forming the shape of the original French Fork, which had only two prongs. The sole difference between French Fork and Sparrow is, the cheeks being covered with facial hair in French Fork. Sparrow beard does have two prongs at the end, but the beard is not a full-grown one as it skips the cheeks.

Ideal Face Types For French Fork Beard

French Fork beard style will give your jawline a squarer look, thus Diamond, Oval, Round, Triangle, Round, and Heart shapes will be good for wearing this style out, apart from Oblong face types.

17. Soul Patch Beard Style

beard and mustache styles
Soul Patch Beard Style. Photo Courtesy : Mensxp

When you are looking for a simple yet eye-popping look, you can always go for a Soul Patch. This can be one of the easiest beard styles to achieve anytime. Remember Aamir Khan’s beard style in the movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai’? Yes, we are talking about that. Soul Patch became famous with American musician Stevie Ray Vaughan through the origin dates back a long time. Ricky Martin, Jesse Metcalf, Zac Efron all have sported Soul Patch beard styles quite a few times in their time.

How to grow a Soul Patch?

As we have mentioned before, this is one of the easiest beard styles to achieve. Soul Patch beard styles consist of only one small patch of facial hair just below the lips and above your chin. The rest of the face remains clean-shaven. You also shape it up into a triangle and small, like Stevie Ray Vaughan, did all those years ago.

Ideal Face Types For Soul Patch

It goes well with all face types, and for round faces, it will make your face look elongated.

16. Salt and Pepper Beard Style

new beard style for men
Salt and Pepper Beard Style. Photo Courtesy : Hairstyleslook

“Age is just a number”, and by saying so we mean the dapper look Milind Soman, Madhavan, and Ben Affleck have been grooving around with. Defining the Indian beauty standards, Milind Soman is the man who has been recurring on almost every Indian woman’s dream since his debut.

While Madhavan is the chocolate boy of the ’90s era and both their ageing looks coupled with their smitten beard styles still do the magic. Similarly in Hollywood, Ben Affleck is also another person giving a run for money to all the young actors with his salt and pepper beard style.

How to grow a Salt and Pepper?

It’s not about growing a perfect beard, but on the contrary, salt and pepper beard styles depend on the natural grey and black facial hair combination or a bit of a highlight. You can keep your beard as small as 1mm like Milind Soman or have a thick short beard like Ben Affleck or Madhavan. Show off your age with this classy style or just get a highlight done for achieving this beard style.

Ideal Face Types For Salt and Pepper Beard Style

This beard style goes well along with all face types

15. Walrus Mustache

best beard styles for men
Walrus Mustache Style. Photo Courtesy : Menshealth

The name itself signifies the look it can present. Walrus moustache dates back a long time, and look like the whiskers of a walrus. From Mark Twain to American President Theodore Roosevelt, Communist Joseph Stalin, and even American actor Sam Elliot have made this look popular at all times. If you wish to have a rugged look and an untidy appearance, this would be the perfect style to please you.

How to grow a Walrus Moustache?

Walrus Moustache focused on growing the moustache bushy. The beard gets long around the corners, drops down a bit. Technically following the whiskers of a Walrus, the moustache bushy grows downwards from the sides of your lip.

Ideal Face Types For Walrus Moustache

Do not go for it if you have a longer face. But this will go along with round and large faces.

14. Dutch Beard Styles

short beard styles for men
Dutch Beard Style. Photo Courtesy : Wnyc

If your fascination with full-beard is not over yet, try out an old-schooled Dutch Beard Style. As the name suggests, this was the style most popular in the Netherlands a while ago. The first face that comes to mind for Dutch beard styles is of Abraham Lincoln. Other than that, you can also see South African cricketer Hashim Amla often sporting this beard style on and off the field.

How to grow a Dutch Beard Style?

This is also another type of full-grown beard, so be patient. These type full-grown beard styles require almost all of your facial hair, connecting through thick sideburns outgrowing at the bottom creating some volume. With this beard style you will not require an additional moustache, rather keep your upper lip area clean-shaven.

Ideal Face Types For Dutch Beard Style

Suitable for all face types

13. Toothbrush Moustache

simple beard style
Toothbrush Mustache Style. Photo Courtesy : Genius

Toothbrush moustache first gained its popularity in the 19th century America but was soon became a style that people utterly dreaded. The credit goes to Adolf Hitler. In Germany, when Hitler ruling brutally across the country, his facial hairstyle was a Toothbrush Moustache.
Charlie Chaplin took up the style for his movie ‘The Great Dictator’ talking about political satire in Nazi ruling Germany, though Hitler’s liking towards Chaplin is evident, there is no record of Hitler taking the inspiration from Chaplin. However, post World War 2, the style fell off, due to Hitler’s association with this style.

How to grow a Toothbrush Moustache?

You might have never tried out this particular style, but you are aware of it. A patch of moustache, neatly shaven from each side to form a one-inch width at the centre in the shape of a toothbrush. The main focus of this style focuses just on keeping the moustache from extending sideways.

Ideal Face Types For Toothbrush Moustache

This moustache goes well with round face types.

12. Sparrow Beard Style

Sparrow Beard Style
Sparrow Beard Style. Photo Courtesy : Makewalls

Does it even require an introduction for this specific beard style? “It’s Captain Jack Sparrow”. Johnny Depp has tried all the possible look a man can think off and sported it with even graceful charm. Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow remains iconic, and that look, that has everything to do with fans going gaga over him and storm the theatres.

How to grow a Sparrow Beard Style?

Sparrow is almost a mixture of soul patch, goatee, braided whiskers and accompanied by a moustache to instantly grab your attention. This rebellious look, deserves most attention on the facial hair on your chin area, while cheeks remain clean-shaven.
A little soul patch down your lip in a triangular shape along with a moustache growing beyond the corners of your lips. Let your facial hair grows up to 4-5 inches at the bottom of your chin, braid or fasten the hair and spreading down the chin line like Chin Strap, and you will get the jack Sparrow outlook.

Ideal Face Types For Sparrow Beard Style

This beard style goes well with rectangular face types, but your determination matters most.

11. Yeard Beard Style

Yeard Beard Style
Yeard Beard Style. Photo Courtesy : Unilad

Another classic addition to your long beard fantasies, Yeard is the perfect installation. You better have patience and a distinct love for your facial hair in order to grow the perfect Yeard beard styles. If you are still not sure yet, just look at Jim Carrey and James Harden for additional inspiration. There’s another person sporting Year beard styles, is Chris Hemsworth as Thor in ‘Avengers: Endgame’, though his look in the movie left half of the audience shocked at first.

How to grow a Yeard Beard?

Forget about your trimmer and scissors for over a long time, you won’t need them any longer. You will need your beard to grow freely for a year or more and only when you get a full-grown beard, all over your chin, jaws along with thick moustache creating a messy look, then you can use your trimmer to shape up the split ends. The length is the most important part of these kinds of beard styles.

Ideal Face Types For Yeard beard

This beard style is suitable for all face types

10. Verdi Beard Style

Verdi Beard Style
Verdi Beard Style. Photo Courtesy : Economic Times

Want to get a long beard and mustache, Verdi can be the right pick for you. If you haven’t noticed, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor, Fawad Khan have had this beard style in recent times. Though the style along with its name is basically derived from the late Italian composer Guiseppe Verdi in the 19th century, the trend still is carried on.

How to grow a Verdi?

While growing a Verdi you will need to keep certain things in mind. As the style is a combination of a neat mustache, rounding at the edges, thick but short facial hair across chin and jawline creating a rounded bottom under the chin area, and a strap of hair just forming above your chin but not going up entirely under your lip line.

You will need to grow a full beard to have perfection, and then shape it up in accordance, especially the rounded chin with almost no hair on your cheeks.

Ideal Face Types For Verdi

Verdi looks perfect on triangular faces.

9. Hollywoodian Beard Style

Hollywoodian Beard Style
Hollywoodian Beard Style. Photo Courtesy :

The name itself says it all. This is one of the most common beard styles to have been opted by many Hollywood celebs. From Chris Evans, Paul Rudd, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale to Leonardo Decaprio all have had Hollywodian beard at some point of time.

There is no definite name on who was the flag bearer for this beard style, but most of Hollywood, followed suit with the trend.

How to grow a Hollywoodian beard?

Hollywoodian beard can be called a bit of Extended Goatee, moustache and a Chinstrap. While at one hand the thick beard covers the entire chin area, the facial hair it cut short at your cheeks. This beard look is also accompanied by a long floating moustache connecting with the beard and no sideburn to go with.

The idea being, putting the entire focus on the growth of facial hair especially on your chin. However, it’s solely depended on you, if you would like to keep a moustache or not.

Ideal Face Types For Hollywoodian

This beard style looks great on square face

8. Van Dyke Beard Style

Van Dyke Beard Style
Van Dyke Beard Style. Photo Courtesy:

Johnny Depp makes it to the list of best beard styles once more, with Van Dyke. Though, the beard style originated with 17th century Flemish Painter Anthony Van Dyke and was popular in Europe until it died down in Britain, but it still holds on to the craze.

Not just Depp, but several others, such as Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale, Ryan Goslings and the list keeps going on, proving to its popularity in recent times.

How to grow Van Dyke beard?

To have this look, you just need to grow your Stubble a bit long, and then shape it up, leaving facial hair just beneath your lips and straight down connecting with hair from your chin forming an inverted T. While the chin area will still have about 2 inches of hair almost forming a V shape on your chin, the cheeks and sideburns are cleared up, and a thick mustache to finish with.

The entire beard style can be considered as a mixture of Goatee and a mustache, with no hair on the cheeks and on the chinstrap as well, giving your face an intense look. However, this beard style is easy to achieve but takes little maintenance to keep up the look. And we can’t deny how much we loved seeing those dudes carrying that Van Dyke beard around, enough to make us yearn for more.

Ideal Face Types For Van Dyke

This stunning beard style looks cool on men with a narrow chin.

7. Bandholz Beard Style

Bandholz Beard Style. Photo Courtesy:

Another full grown beard on the list is Bandholz. You don’t need to work much on this. On the contrary, you only need to be patient for the full Bandholz to come alive. It usually takes months to form, growing out of your face and falling down from your face.

This beard style was taken up by Eric Bandholz. His brainchild Beardbrand, is a men’s hair, beard, skin and moustache grooming company.

The establishment of Beardbrand is an epic story of his love for beards, so intense that he actually quit his corporate job to start afresh with Beardbrand.

How to grow a Bandholz beard?

It does not need any maintenance or shaping up whatsoever, it just freely grows on your face. To have an all-grown Banholz like Eric, one just needs to be patient for months and not cut or shape his beard while it’s still genetically growing until it reaches its full potential. After which you can shape it if you like, or let it just be; your choice entirely.

Ideal Face Types For Bandholz

This beard style suits best on a diamond, triangle, and oval face type.

6. Balbo Beard Style

Balbo Beard
Balbo Beard Style. Photo Courtesy :

When we are talking about Balbo beard styles, the first example that pops into our mind is the infamous Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark. Tony Stark’s Balbo Beard Style might be one of our distinct dreams but inching closer to the potential is way more satisfying.

Other than him, Tom Hiddleson, Hugh Jackman and Chirstian Bale have once in a while sported the Balbo Beard Style with certain dignity.

Among the men beard styles, Balbo gives you a classier look, like when Tony described himself in one line to Cap ‘Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist’.

How to grow a Balbo beard?

One of the best beard styles for men, Balbo beard style is basically facial hair starting just below the lips like a soul patch, forming an hourglass shape just beneath your lips. It is familiar with Goatee but these beard styles can be distinguished by the light chinstrap that follows without any sideburns in Balbo beard style and accompanied by a floating moustache.

Ideal Face Types For Balbo

Round, diamond, heart, square and oval, all face types can have a Balbo, however, it does not go entirely right with triangular face, as the jawline gets highlighted in a wrong way.

5. Mutton Chops Beard Style

Mutton Chops Beard
Mutton Chops Beard Style. Photo Courtesy:

Mutton Chop or Friendly Mutton Chops have been renamed as Wolverine Beard, due to Hugh Jackman dangling it throughout the X-Men series. Jackman as Wolverine stole the show in theatres, so does his beard style stole the hearts of millions. Wolverine sporting the friendly mutton chop beard made this men beard style an even friendlier beard style to opt out for.

How to grow a Mutton Chops beard?

Though the Classic Mutton Chops has no prominent moustache, with thick facial hair across both sideburns while the chin remain clean or with slight stubble. However, Jackman as Wolverine closed on to the gap between both sideburns growing fuzzier at each side of the chin, and slight Stubble around the chin and a light moustache hair connecting the two sides.
As the chin is almost shaved, the rest of the facial hair creates a messy look to drool over. However the Friendly Mutton Chops, has a definite thick moustache which connects both the sideburns together while the chin remains clean shaven.

Ideal Face Types For Mutton Chops

Mutton chops beard style looks stunning on Oblong or Oval shaped faces.

4. Ducktail Beard Style

Ducktail Beard Style
Ducktail Beard Style. Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

For a rugged look on that maculine build, Ducktail would be a perfect hipster or biker look. Ducktail is one of the prevailing men beard styles that has been carried on from a long time.

This beard style takes quite some time to literally grow on your face. But once you achieve the full length, there’s no going back.

The rebellious yet gentle Ducktail beard style have been brandished by many Hollywood celebs, namely, Leonardo Dicaprio,Brad Pitt, Mel Gibson and Tom Hardy, and each one of them looked dashing in their individual ways.

How to grow a Ducktail beard?

A full grown ducktail would cover your entire cheeks to Chinstrap, all of your muscle mass, with a long-pointed beard down your chin area.The entire facial hair whatsoever needs no maintenance, just the chin area needs shaping up in order to maintain the long-pointed look. Fuller than a regular beard, Ducktail gives your face rounder look with the facial hair shortened around the face, while the chin area is grown up to a comfortable mark.

Ideal Face Types For Ducktail

Ductail Beard Style is a great choice for rectangular faces.

3. Chinstrap Beard Style

Chinstrip Beard Style
Chinstrip Beard Style. Photo Courtesy:

Among men beard styles, Chinstrap is making quite a name for itself, with Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton taking up the style to the tracks.

Its fame is just not limited to the race tracks, but in the Hollywood movie industry, Chris Pratt or our very own ‘Star Lord’ from the Marvel Cinematic Universe showing off the clean and sober look is giving us quite a lot of expectations from this beard type in coming days.

How to grow a Chinstrap beard?

This beard style for men is another easy style to achieve, just by maintaining the beard along the jawline, and clean shaven cheeks. Let your facial hair grow along your jawline, and clean up the rest, letting it grow until it covers the entire jawline. This beard style is great for round face types as it allows others to focus on your chin. Though the Classic Chinstrap does not consist of a moustache, but both Hamilton and Pratt sport it along with a light moustache, giving you enough reason to try one out.

Ideal Face Types For Chinstrap

This beard style is ideal for a round face.

2. Goatee Beard Style

Goatee Beard Style
Goatee Beard Style. Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

With evolving tastes and preferences different beard styles have gone through many transformations. Similar the case with Goatee beard styles. While a classic goatee look consists of facial hair on chin and no hair on cheeks and no moustache, there have abbreviations to this style in particular.

At one hand, we can all agree on the dapper patchy goatee look that Johnny Depp flaunted in many movies, or the Extended Goatee that David Beckham sported quite often, or the hippie look that Shaggy Rogers in the iconic ‘Scooby Doo! Where Are You?’ cartoon showed off. However, all these variant looks have been very much appreciated across all genders. This style can be considered as one of the most popular beard styles for men with short hair.

How to grow a Goatee?

Goatee offers a distinct beard style for men and is not very complicated to achieve on your own. As the name itself goes ‘Goatee’, like a goat, this beard style starts below the lips and covers only the chin area, giving you a stylish look that goes both with formal and informal clothing. While the Classic Goatee style has no place for moustache, Patchy Goatee allows a moustache and some patches of facial hair across your cheeks.

On the other hand, if you wanna get that Bekham look with an Extended Goatee, you need to grow your facial hair, and the beard itself has to connect with the moustache without any sideburns to go with. If you let a Patchy Goatee grow it will eventually take you closer to Extended Goatee. And man, we love it either way.

There’s another style of Goatee which is adorned by men looking for a short beard is Thin Goatee. In case you are still wondering if it’s cool enough, to fuel up your enthusiasm, Channing Tatum has been seen quite often with a thin Goatee.

Ideal Face Types For Goatee

This Beard Style is ideal for oblong shaped faces.

1. Stubble Beard Style

Stubble Beard Style
Stubble Beard Style. Photo Courtesy:

Talking about timeless classics, Stubble is one of the best beard styles to have made it among the famous 21st century beard styles, owing to all the right reasons.

Firstly, Stubble is one of the most easy beard styles to achieve, no matter if its, short, medium or long. With famous names like Drake, Fawad Khan, Bradley Cooper having a fair share of their time sporting a stubble beard, this specific style became a sensation to men, and women dearly loves it too.

How to grow a Stubble beard?

Stubble has an edgier look to it and can be achieved without much work as such. Grow your facial hair a bit and just clean up the extra hair on your cheek and keep the sideburn in accordance with your jawline.
For each type of Stubble, you just need to maintain trimming. For Short Stubble, trim it very short, for Medium Stubble, trim approximately 3-5 mm, and for the longer one, let the hair grow up to 6 mm. You can also grow a little Stubble around the lower area of your face if it suits you. Just shave the extra hair for a neat appearance.

Ideal Face Types For Stubble

This beard style is ideal for all face types.

How to choose the best beard style according to your face type?

The first thing you need to do before getting a new beard style is to be well aware about your face type, otherwise doing a random pick might backfire.

1. Oval Face

Oval Face Shape
Face Shape: Oval

An oval face type can be considered as the most suitable face type, as it got a bit of both round and square face types. With the same versatility, oval face types are best for almost all beard types, especially a full-grown beard. Such as, Hollywoodian, Bandholz, Mutton Chops. While among beard styles for men with short hair, Balbo beard can be one good option for oval face types.

2. Rectangular Face

rectangle face shape
Face Shape: Rectangle

Having a rectangular face type eventually gives you an elongated look. For which, you need to grow facial hair around your cheeks along with sideburns. This will divert the attention from the length of your face, making it look less elongated than it usually seems. Ducktail would be the perfect pick for rectangular face types. Other than that, you can also go with Chinstrap or Mutton Chops to make you look dapper.

3. Round Face

Round Face Shape
Face Shape : Round

In the case of a round face, the chin is usually smaller while the cheekbones and jawline wider. So to avoid rounder face appearance, you better not have a full beard. Rather, you can go for many other styles that will not make your face rounder, such as, Balbo, Chinstrap, Goatee, and Van Dyke.

4. Diamond Face

Diamond Face Shape
Face Shape : Diamond

Diamond face types have wider cheekbones accompanied with a narrow forehead and symmetrical jawline. The ideal beard for Diamond faces is directly associated with keeping the attention away from your cheekbones. So, to achieve the perfect beard for these types of faces, one needs to have more hair on the chin, growing out on the cheeks but not so thick. Bandholz, Balbo and heavy Stubble along with a mustache can do the trick.

5. Square Face

square face shape
Face Shape: Square

If you have a square face, you better be proud of your strong jawline, which most models in Hollywood have and many wishes to have. With such a broad jaw you can highlight your jawline, but not attract too much attention as it only amplifies your already beautiful features. For which, you need to maintain a sharp right angle and a rounded Chin hair, like in Balbo or Hollywoodian or Verdi style.

6. Triangular Face

triangle face shape
Face Shape: Triangle

A Triangular face type has a prominent chin, and a wider jawline, while the cheekbones are smaller. With an already prominent chin, you don’t want to make it even more prominent. So try and keep the facial hair smaller on the chin area while you can shift your attention on the sideburns, but not on the cheeks which will only put greater emphasis on your wider jawline instead. Eric Bandholz’s beard style would be appropriate for you. Otherwise, you can always go with Hollywoodian or with a heavy stubble accompanied by a mustache.

7. Heart Face

heart shaped face
Face Shape: Heart

Directly opposite of Triangular face types, Heart faces have wider forehead while cheekbones, jawline are comparatively smaller along with a pointed chin. Having a smaller chin, you better have a beard style that would make your jawline squarer and fuller. You can go either way with this face type, having a heavy beard like, Mutton Chops, or settle for Medium Stubble to enhance your bone structure.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Beard Styles

1. How to trim a beard?

Ans: You may have any sort of beard style, but you will always need to maintain the beard and trim it cautiously to maintain the shape. While trimmers are the easiest way to shape up, you will just need to start trimming from the longest portion and gradually reach your desired shape. And for removing a mass amount of facial hair, you will need to go the opposite direction from your usual hair growth pattern.
You can also use scissors, but that would be helpful in case of long beard hair. Otherwise, you can also opt for razors to maintain clean lines following your style.

2. What is the most popular beard style?

Ans: There are many beard styles for men that have created quite a trend or may still hold legacy. For example, Stubble is a beard style that can be seen quite a lot on the streets, and even a list of celebs flaunting it only adds up to its popularity. Similarly, Goatee is a well-accepted beard style along with Hollywoodian and Bandholz. However, you do not need to go over the popularity, you can choose which adds a stunning flavor to your outer appearance.

3. Can a beard oil help maintain a beard style?

Ans: Beard oils are recent inventions that have given pogonophiles or beard enthusiasts a way to maintain their precious facial hair. Beard oil is usually designed for moisturizing the skin underneath your beard. By moisturizing your beard these oils prevent flakes, itchiness on the skin and keep your beard all the more healthy, same as the skin beneath your facial hair.


Choosing the ideal beard style for yourself or for someone you know needs quite some research into the matter. Like, it should go along with your hairstyle, your clothing sense, your entire attire, even your workplace style codes. But the most important thing is how you carry it. Nothing else matters before your own acceptance and improved outlook towards your own self.

Did we miss any beard style? Please leave a comment below and let us know your favorite Beard Style.

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