Health Benefits Of Drinking Karela Jamun Juice

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Indians are lucky to grow both the karela green vegetable and jamun fruit naturally. Both of them are considered to be ‘superfoods’ from India. This is because jamun and karela organic juice help lower the risk of disease, including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke and even cancer.

Just imagine:

What these superfoods can do together!

Both grow abundantly in India and are in-season during the hot and humid summer. Here’s a peek into the health benefits of drinking this magical potion we call: Karela Jamun Juice.

What is Karela and Jamun Juice?

Karela is also known as bitter gourd, and it is from the melon family. It has a dark green spiky body, tastes very bitter, but is a nutritional powerhouse. Most people think karela is a vegetable when actually it is a fruit! Jamun, also known as black plum or Indian blackberry, also has many healing properties; some in common with karela.

Karela Jamun Juice Benefits

Karela is sometimes called ‘the plant-insulin’ for a good reason. Drinking karela juice is especially useful in diabetics. Jamuns are summer fruits, without any sucrose; the juice tastes acidic and it helps control diabetes as well as stomach ailments. Together they make a wonderful, healthy, summer drink. Karela juice is ideal for lowering blood sugar levels, while jamun soothes the stomach, relieves diarrhoea, ringworms, purifies the blood, soothes and cools the body naturally. Here are the main health benefits of karela jamun juice:

Karela Jamun Juice Controls Diabetes

  1. Promotes insulin secretion in the body
  2. Dramatically lowers blood sugar levels naturally
  3. Plant-based insulin in bitter gourd helps patients with type 1 diabetes as well
  4. Reduces oedema – Insulin therapy increases sodium/ fluid retention, so you may get swollen legs, ankles, and feet.

Karela Jamun Juice Helps Digestion

  1. Promotes digestive enzyme secretion
  2. Relieves constipation and piles (haemorrhoids)
  3. Relieves diarrhoea, dysentery, and dyspepsia
  4. Cleanses the liver and bowels
  5. Removes ringworms

Karela Jamun Juice Keeps Your Heart Healthy

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties
  2. Reduces ‘bad’ cholesterol
  3. Lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke

Karela Jamun Juice Helps Fight Cancer and Infections

The juice protects the human body from cancer, especially leukaemia (blood cancer). This juice has natural antioxidants and antitumour effects in cancer cells. It is a good blood purifier and stops anaemia.

  1. High in antioxidants
  2. Highly anti-bacterial
  3. Relieves a cough, cold, and asthma
  4. Boosts immunity
  5. Purifies blood

Karela Jamun Juice is Good for Skin, Hair and Eye Health

  1. Anti-ageing
  2. Delays cataracts
  3. Controls acne and psoriasis
  4. Cools body and dehydrated skin

Karela Jamun Juice Helps Weight Loss

  1. Boosts metabolism
  2. Checks obesity

Some Juicing Tips:

Try not to drink acidic juices on an empty stomach; take with meals. Also avoided drinking milk just before or after. Some of the best organic juice brands in India include Kapiva, Baidyanath, Bhumija, and Herbal Hills.

You can make your own healthy and fresh juices at home using a juicer, blender and mixer.

If you cannot DIY:

Then shop organic juices online from leading health and wellness brands on Zotezo.

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