Ideal Dinner Time for Weight Loss is Between 7-8 PM at Night – Dt. Toral


Dietitian Toral Patel has an experience of 6 years as a clinical dietitian. She is a B.Sc (Human Development) and a Post Graduation in Dietetics. She has a degree in Sports Nutrition, Diploma in Yoga, currently working as a Diabetes Educator. She has won awards like“Rising Star Award in Health Care” and “India Star Icon Award 2019”.She also has a “Life Membership of Indian dietetic association” and a “Life Membership of Nutrition and Natural Health Sciences Association”

In an exclusive interview with Zotezo, she has spoken about Weight Loss. Here is the edited excerpts of the interview.

Team Zotezo: Does dieting work?

Dt. Toral: Yes it works but it depends upon which diet u followed along with exercise. Here are some of the different types of diets that people are using all around the world. The Paleo Diet. This is a natural way of eating, one that almost abandons all intake of sugar. Other diets include The Blood Type Diet, the Vegan Diet, the South Beach Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, Raw Food Diet, etc. People diet for all types of reasons as there is no shortage of reasons for wanting to live a healthier life. There are also a wide variety of options when it comes to selecting a diet that might work for you. 

Team Zotezo: Is it true that eating after 8 p.m. makes you put on weight?

Dt. Toral: Generally ideal dinner time is between 7 to 8 and whatever your mealtime is but make sure u sleep after 2 hours. Although 10 to 11 pm is advised time for sleep.

Team Zotezo: Should one cut carbs to lose weight?

Dt. Toral: There is no 100% claim that CHO is only responsible for weight gain. But when diet takes CHo according to RDA that is for normal adults 50 to 60 gm per day but compared to that take more complex CHO.

Team Zotezo: How to conquer food cravings? Is it necessary to avoid food cravings?

Dt. Toral: The best way to solve food carving according to the whole day calorie take a small frequent meal. Like breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea time, evening snacks, dinner, and bedtime. For that food advised like 3 to 4 pieces of nuts, fruits, sprouts, soup, salad.

Team Zotezo: What are the best foods for weight loss?

Dt. Toral: There no only one food we considered as the best food for weight loss but weight loss depends on diet plus exercise But high fiber with low calorie is the best way to reduce weight loss and homemade herbal remedies like green tea, wheatgrass juice, jeera water, drumstick powder.

Team Zotezo: Weight Loss with Apple Cider Vinegar. Is it True?

Dt. Toral: Apple cider vinegar works but only when used alone. It is not advised for all because some people have side effects like acidity, thyroid and dental problems.

Team Zotezo: Do you support Cheat Days in dieting?

Dt. Toral: It is okay if u can’t control your craving for junk for a day.  One can eat and cheat but the condition is, according to that calorie the next day one has to work out for burning calories.

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