9 Wellness Tips To Stay Fit While Stuck At Your Desk

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Stuck at your desk all day long with office work? Check out our wellness tips for the workplace, especially if you are stressed out, eating mindlessly or emotionally.

Nine to five, desk-bound jobs are a recipe for weight gain and fitness failure. You want to hit the gym to stay fit, but you have an office job and are glued to your desk till 8 or 9 pm. Some people have to tolerate this lifestyle for a very long time, probably until retirement!

9 wellness tips on how to stay healthy and fit when you are stuck at your desk all day.

  1. Walk to work:

Walk an extra 15 minutes during your daily commute. Leave home earlier, and get off one stop before, if you take the bus to work. If you drive to work, park 10 to 15 minutes away from your office. You will get the same exercise on the way back home.

Take a walk during your lunch break:

Step outside and breathe some fresh air into your lungs and feel the sunshine! Treat the staircase as if it were your office ‘gym’. Avoid lifts and escalators unless you are in a hurry.

  1. Move around:

Although the most obvious of wellness tips, this is ignored by many. Walk as much as possible, even if it means only moving around in the office. It is healthy to get up from your seat and walk around every hour or two. Get more blood circulation going in those arms and legs. Get a good stretch in the hallway while taking a call.

Don’t telephone your colleagues:

Walk to their desks to say what you have to.

  1. Don’t slouch:

This is easily the most ignored of all wellness tips. Slouching on the chair can also be painful and stressful. An incorrect posture puts pressure on your shoulders, back and upper body. Avoid hunching and slouching over your keyboard. Sit up straight so that your head and neck are aligned. Stretch your neck, arms and back now and then. Don’t forget those hard-working wrists! Roll your wrists occasionally to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast:

Avoid skipping breakfast; it makes it harder to eat right during lunch and tea. At least drink a healthy juice or milk before you leave home. On days you are too rushed in the morning, keep a box of cereal like instant oatmeal in your desk drawer so you can eat breakfast every day.

  1. Drink lots of water:

There are too many health benefits to drinking enough pure water during the day to list. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day promotes weight loss and gives you glowing skin too!

  1. Do mini-workouts:

Use your office gym if you are lucky enough to have one. Otherwise climb the stairs as often as possible. Mini workouts at your desk are good for toning core muscles, assisting in weight loss and uplifting your mood. Try this sneaky isometric workout for abs and glutes throughout the day. While you type emails, squeeze your core muscles tightly and hold that position for one minute. Repeat as many times as possible. If you have your own office space, you can exercise using a chair or desk to tone your arms, neck, back and hips.

  1. Stand more:

Did you know that you can burn more calories by simply standing at your desk as opposed to sitting down? An extra 9 calories per hour to be exact, but standing also lowers blood sugar levels. Standing has to be one of the simplest wellness tips we have. It may look a little ridiculous but stand at your desk to avoid gaining weight.

  1. Pack lunch:

Eating out will take away the benefits of exercising. Restaurants and fast food joints put too many unhealthy fats, sodium and sugar in cooked food. Pack a nice, healthy and filling lunch when you have time in the morning. Or brown bag one of the many fast healthy lunches if you get super busy.

  1. Snack smartly:

Don’t have time to grab lunch? Keep a stash of healthy shakes in your office fridge as a convenient option when you have no time to eat. You can eat right eat healthy even while you work. Avoid sweets, chips, chocolates, carbonated drinks and gummy bears, even when your co-workers encourage it. Instead, snack on real fruits like apples, guavas, oranges, and bananas. Eating unsweetened fat-free yoghurt, nuts or a protein bar is also healthy snacking.

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