Your Down-There Hygiene Mantra


We know it is not a topic that one often discusses, but feminine down-there hygiene is something you should take seriously if you are a young adult woman. Most often than not, we are worried about ‘the smell’, ‘the discomfort’, and ‘the discharge’ and are too embarrassed to ask.

“Basic down-there hygiene should be part of your daily cleansing ritual. It is important not just for the sake of vanity but also because it prevents worrisome infections and discomfort. It is a must to keep your private parts absolutely clean. Every woman needs to follow a good personal hygiene routine. This not only keeps you infection-free but also makes you feel clean and beautiful from the inside,” explains Bangalore based aesthetic and medical dermatologist Dr Mukta Sachdev. And it is really easy to keep yourself clean there.

Here’s how you can maintain your down-there hygiene:

  1. Wash the privates at least twice a day with a gentle vaginal wash – it has lactic acid that keeps the area healthy. In case you don’t have a wash handy, plain soap and water can also do the trick.
  2. Wipe yourself thoroughly every time you use the bathroom. Use a wet wipe rather than dry tissue to wipe yourself, as it can chafe the sensitive labia area.
  3. Trim your pubic hair keeping it short to prevent sweat and bacteria build-up which can lead to infections. Remove excess hair from your bikini area as it looks aesthetically good, and also prevents folliculitis.
  4. Check your zone once in a while to ensure you are free from common vaginal infections like thrush or yeast. In case you are worried about the foul smell or unusual discharge check with your ob-gyn doctor.
  5. Powder around the groin area. Baby powder works well during hot summer months and the rainy season. Use cotton underwear as much as possible to keep the area aired, dry and fresh.
  6. Change your sanitary napkin or product at least thrice in the day during your periods. Make sure that you not only keep the area clean especially when the period flow is heavy.
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