Top 123 Best Blouse Designs

Blouse Designs


On every occasion, we usually search for the best blouse designs to wear with our gorgeous sarees or lehengas. In the past century, a blouse was basically a garment that covered our body from the neck (or shoulders) to our waistline. But now it has evolved and has become a style statement.

Nowadays, most brides are giving thoughts on their bridal blouse designs. Some are incorporating elements like Doli cut works or oversized latkans, feathers, and laces on their blouses, while others are getting their stories embroidered on their blouse.

Some girls even started ditching the dupattas and wearing blouse as a crop top with skirts, lehengas or dhoti pants. Some started wearing offbeat blouse designs with borders, embellishments and unique cut out patterns.

Historical Background of the Blouse

According to Sanskrit and Pali literature, during the 6th century BC women used to wear three-piece attire. It consisted of a lower garment known as antriya, uttariya, a veil to wear over the shoulder and stanapatta or a chest band. These stanapatta has evolved into Blouse (Choli). It was also known as Kurpsika or Kanchuki. Early blouses were generally tied at the back and covered the front.

Recent Styles

Blouses were traditionally made from the same material as the saree. But in recent times, designers are experimenting with the blouse designs so that blouse can be worn with many other outfits as well. Nowadays most of the blouse designs include innovative necklines like tubes, backless, halters, etc, with different sleeves such as full sleeves, half sleeves, puffy sleeves, sleeveless, etc.

How to Pick the Perfect Blouse for Your Body Type?

We know that perfect blouse designs can make huge differences to the wedding outfit. Even the best lehengas or sarees require a well-fitted blouse. And you will need to fit your blouse with your body. So we have enlisted some blouse designs for you according to your body type. From the pear-shaped body to an inverted-triangle or an hour-glass body, we have covered almost every body type.

1. Pear-Shaped Body Type

blouse pattern

When most of your weight accumulates around the arms, thighs, and buttocks and the bust is smaller than the hips, then you need to focus on the bust mainly.

What to Wear: 

The blouse designs which have the heavy embellishment and fancy necklines will create a proportionate look to the body. You can try backless blouse designs for this type of body shape.

What Not to Wear:

Try to avoid those blouses that hug the upper half tightly, as they will make the bust look smaller.

2. Apple-Shaped Body Type

blouse pattern

Having an apple-shaped body means, you are heavier on the shoulder and have a wide torso, and fuller bust while slender on the legs and arms.

What to Wear:

A single coloured full-sleeved blouse will do wonder on your look. You can also opt for lighter fabrics such as chiffon or georgette, as these will easily flow down the body.

What Not to Wear:

Try to ditch heavy embellished blouses with plunging necklines that highlight the bust area.

3. Strawberry-shaped or Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

blouse pattern

If you have a prominent shoulder, heavy bust, narrow hips with a tight waist then you need to avoid drawing attention to your upper half.

What to Wear: 

Try to find the blouse designs that have off-shoulder and boat necks. Try to keep the sleeves simple and shorter.

What Not to Wear:

Avoid wearing a high neck blouse and stay away from thicker fabrics and heavy embellishments.

4. Hourglass Body Type

blouse pattern

When you have the perfect proportion between your upper and lower body and have a narrow waist then you are lucky enough to try anything.

What to Wear:

Deep and round neck blouse designs will be best suited for you. Do any experiments you want with thicker fabrics like Banarasi or velvet and easy and flowy ones such as Net, crepe or georgette.

What not to Wear:

Get rid of anything that prevents you from flaunting yourself.

5. Rectangle or Slim Body Type

blouse pattern

A slightly leaner waist with equal bust and hip comes into rectangular body types.

What to Wear:

Try corset tops, high-neck blouses and cropped blouses that will hug your body perfectly.

What Not to Wear:

Always avoid ill-fitting and baggy blouses.

Pick the Right Sleeve For Your Blouse

There are many sleeve types like full sleeves, 3/4th sleeves, cap sleeves, etc you can choose from and it can be a hard job to pick the perfect blouse. Sleeves can make or break your look completely. Here we have listed down almost every type of sleeves you can find on blouse designs.

1. Full Sleeves

blouse models

Almost all body types look great with a full-sleeved blouse. Women with thinner arms can pick blouse designs with full sleeves and subtle embroidery. Just remember to choose thicker fabric for brides who are thin whereas heavier brides should choose thinner material.

2. Half Sleeves

blouse models

If you want to make your blouse look elegant yet simple you can definitely go for half-sleeved blouse designs. Just make sure to wear the right ornaments with it, as half sleeves can make you look really casual. If you are planning to wear a blouse with a deep neckline then you can choose these sleeves without even thinking.

3. 3/4th Sleeves

blouse models

Exactly like full sleeves, these quarter sleeves also look good on everyone. These sleeves give an elongated look to a petite body framed woman. Someone who has too heavy or too lean arms can always opt for these.

4. Sleeveless

blouse models

A leaner woman or a woman who has toned arms can easily go for these types of sleeveless blouse designs. But it does not look great on women who are heavier on their arms.

5. Elbow Sleeves

blouse models

Elbow-length blouse sleeves can give you a perfect contemporary look. Just remember, to look good with an elbow-length blouse sleeve you need to fit it perfectly and the sleeves should be slightly above your elbow. These types of blouse designs look great on both bulky and slim brides.

6. Bell Sleeves

blouse models

Bell sleeves provide volume to the upper body. It looks good on lean women. These also give a little western touch to your traditional lehenga.

7. Puffy Sleeves

blouse models

This type of blouse sleeve is really popular in South India. It is perfect for women who are really lean and need to add a little shape to their figure. However, try to avoid it if you have a chubby face, as it can make your face look heavier.

8. Cape Sleeves

blouse models

When you want to add a little drama to your attire, you can obviously go for cape sleeved blouse designs. But girls with heavier bust and chubby face should not go for this one.

9. Off Shoulder Sleeves

blouse models

If you have a killer collarbone and want to flaunt it then you can definitely choose these off-shoulder sleeves for your blouse.

10. Strapless or No Sleeves

Strapless or No Sleeves

Women with well-toned arms and perfect collar bone can opt for this ‘no sleeves’ blouse. It is perfect for brides who have a straight slim body.

Front Neck Blouse Designs for Every Occasion

Well, choosing the right blouse design is a tough job. And selecting the right front neck cut for the right occasion is one of the most challenging part of designing your looks.

Boat Neck Blouse Design

Well, the high neck boat blouse designs look great for any formal and casual occasion.

Deep Neck Blouse Design

If you can carry a deep neck blouse then wear this blouse design on any cocktail parties and evening events. You can try them on even on date nights.

Queen Anne Front Neck

The Queen Anne Front Neck blouse design is one of the new styles of blouse design that is inspired by the queen.

Tube Neck Blouse Design

The tube neck blouse design comes without a proper neck. This looks great for any evening parties.

Sweetheart Neck Design

This is the best neck design that is good for bridal wear, weddings and all the traditional events.

Collared Neckline

Well, this type of frog neck blouse design is perfect for work, weddings and all the evening parties.

Here is The List of 120 Best Blouse Designs of 2020

From very basic to extremely glamorous we have enlisted more than 100 blouse designs for you. Choose these blouse designs with a simple saree or lehenga and you will be ready to steal all the limelight.

Blouse Designs Front Side

1. Round Neck and Simple

neck designs for blouse

The simple round neck blouse designs are great for any occasion during the daytime. Try this with the right ornaments.

2. Strappy Blouse

design blouse

These mirror embellished blouse designs are popular for a long time. For a petite woman, these blouses will be a perfect choice to pair up with a lehenga.

3. Blouse With Jewel Necklines

designer blouse

These blouse designs are perfect for women who do not want to keep herself all covered.

4. Sheer Back Blouse Designs

blouse back neck design

This is one of the best and simple blouse designs for back. The mirror embellishments make this look elegant.

5. Side Tied Blouse Designs

blouse neck

This blouse has a unique design as it is tied up on the side.

6. Puff Sleeved

blouse designs images

From a cocktail party to a simple mehndi ceremony, this puffy-sleeved blouse design will look perfect to any girl.

7. Square Necked Blouse Designs

design blouse

These embroidered square-necked blouses are a combination of contemporary and traditional taste.

8. Round Hem Sleeveless Blouse Designs

blouse neck designs

The round hemmed sleeveless blouse has little embroideries, which make it really unique and simple.

9. Criss-Cross on Front

blouse back designs

These bustier blouse designs are paired with mirror embroideries and threads and have a criss-cross pattern on the front. Try these with the same coloured lehenga.

10. Belted Blouse Designs

blouse models

These belted blouse designs are simple and elegant. They look really different and very easy to carry.

11. Deep and V-Neck

design of blouse

This deep and v-necked blouse will look perfect with a floral printed skirt or lehenga. Remember to choose the right ornaments with it.

12. Cape-Sleeved Off Shoulder Blouse Designs

blouse back neck design

Try this simple off-shoulder blouse with cape sleeves, and it will look perfect with any lehenga or a simple saree.

13. Pearl Droppings Embroideries

blouse back designs

These ivory crafted and silver embroidered blouse designs have an exquisite look and will look perfect with a pearl dropping embroidered lehenga.

14. Halter Neck Sheer-Embellished Blouse Designs

design of blouse

These partly sheer and partly ornamented blouse designs will look good with any gorgeous lehenga and will also add perfection to your basic look.

15. V Neck Blouse Designs With Tassel

blouse pattern

This V neck blouse has huge tassel details and is heavily ornamented. The velvety touch looks perfect with any gorgeous lehenga.

16. Off Shoulder and Full Sleeved

neck designs for blouse

This is one of the best and most gorgeous blouse designs for modern brides. This off-shoulder but full sleeve blouse will be perfect on the wedding day.

17. Half Flared Sleeve and Half Sleeveless Blouse Designs

latest blouse designs

It has a flared sleeve on one side and sleeveless on the other. This intricately embellished blouse will look perfect on a sangeet ceremony.

18. Beaded Blouse

design of blouse

This halter neck blouse is like a jacket and will look good with any saree or dhoti pants. It has stunning rose beads that make our heart flutter.

19. Shirt Style Blouse Designs

design of blouse

These shirt style blouse designs have mid-length sleeves and will look perfect for the daytime.

20. Zero Neck Halter Blouse Designs

design of blouse

This zero neck halter blouse is sleeveless and has 3D motifs in gold. If you are ready to revolutionize your look then it will be a perfect one for you.

21. Strapless Blouse Designs

design of blouse

Wanna flaunt your collar bones? Then this strapless blouse will be perfect for you. It has glitzy embroidery and 3D thread roses that look perfect with minimum embellishments.

22. Asymmetrically Sleeved Blouse Designs

blouses designs

You can make any ‘boring’ blouse into a perfect modernized version by infusing some asymmetrical sleeves to it.

23. Ruffled Sleeves Shimmer Blouse

blouse neck

This off-shoulder netted and ruffled sleeved blouse will be perfect for any ceremony.

24. High Neck With Crystalised Tassel Blouse Designs

design of blouse

This high neck netted blouse has sequined floral embroideries with strings on the sleeves.

25. Blouse Designs with embellished sheer sleeves

design of blouse

This blouse has a cold shoulder on one side and a full sleeve on the other. It has delicate embellishments on the sleeves and it will look stunning with an umbrella skirt.

26 Ruffled sleeve and neck Blouse Designs

blouses designs

The ruffle details on the sleeves as well as on the neckline make this blouse cute. It also has a basic embellishment on the body.

27. Sweetheart Neck Blouse Designs

blouses designs

This sweetheart neck blouse with a little hint of gold and beige will look good on any women who have the hourglass figure.

28. Diagonally off-shoulder blouse

design blouse

This one-sided off-shoulder sleeved blouse will surely turn some heads. The diagonally drape pattern will look exotic with any full-length skirt.

29. High-neck blouse with teardrop

blouse back designs

This is one of the most simple and elegant blouse designs of all time. It has a unique collar, mid sleeves with a teardrop-shaped keyhole.

30. Belted V neck Blouse

blouse models

Want to look traditional yet modern? Try this deep cut V neck blouse with a belt, this off-shoulder blouse will look pretty on any bride.

31. Kalamkari Frilled Blouse Design

This kalamkari blouse design will go with any type of saree. You can also add frills on the front and on the beck neck.

Kalamkari Frilled Blouse Design

32. Sheer Front Neck

This blouse design comes with a boat neck and a sheer panel. It will look great on any georgette or net sarees.


33. Boat Neck Blouse

Well for a broad shouldered woman the boat neck cutting blouse design is the best choice.


34. Maggam Blouse Design

The boat-neck blouse design that comes with intricate maddas detailing work looks fine on any occasion.

Maggam Blouse Design

35. Deep Neck Blouse Design

This gorgeous deep neck blouse design with center slit looks awesome and looks perfect with sarees and lehengas.

Deep Neck Blouse Design

Backside Blouse Designs

1. Square Deep Back Blouse Designs

blouse back neck design

This deep and square back blouse is really elegant yet simple. This blouse design can be paired with sarees as well as lehengas.

2. V back and Inverted Blouse Designs

blouse designs back side

Want to look gorgeous but elegant? You can try this inverted V back blouse with a 3D threaded design on the body.

3. Pearl and Mesh Work Blouse

blouse back design

This is the latest blouse design. It has a meshwork structure on the entire back and is embedded with pristine pearl droplets on the edges.

4. V Cut Back Blouse Designs

blouse back design

If you are a modish bride and want to make your wedding day look classy yet modern, try this svelte back with deep V cut with cape sleeved blouse.

5. Back Blouse Designs with Simple Borders

blouse back neck designs

Keep your blouse simple with this back blouse design with fancy borders.

6. Button-Down Back Blouse Designs

blouse designs images

This button-down back blouse will be perfect for someone who doesn’t want to show a lot of skin as well as does not want to cover it all.

7. Classic Back Blouse Designs

blouse models

This blouse with pretty floral lace on the back looks really pretty with any saree or lehenga.

8. V cut Deep Necked Blouse Designs

design of blouse

To flaunt your back and curvaceous body, try these deep cut v back blouse designs.

9. Tied Up Back Blouse Designs

blouse back neck design

This blouse design with a criss-cross pattern created with doris (strings) on the back makes perfect on any occasion.

10. Strings with latkans

blouse back design

This blouse design with evergreen double dori (string) with dainty latkans or your choice of accessories will make it perfect and elegant.

11. Blouse Designs With Oversized Latkan

blouse designs images

A huge keyhole at the back with some oversized latkans in an all embroidered blouse is a perfect bridal attire.

12. Blouse Designs with Basic Cut out

blouse models

The easy rectangular cut out at the back of the blouse can be a nice option for you if you are a lover of classics.

13. Bangle Blouse Designs

blouse neck

This glitzy blouse with 3D motifs, vibrant florals, metallics, and golden colour bangles is one of the best picks for a bold bride.

14. Sequin Ornamented Blouse Designs

blouses designs

Try these deep V cut blouse with beautiful ornaments on the edges. These blouse designs will look perfect with a plain skirt or lehengas.

15. Multi-Stringed Backless Blouse Designs

design of blouse

This multi-stringed backless blouse can raise your beauty anytime. Pair it up with a simple cotton skirt and a dupatta.

16. Square Cut Back

latest blouse designs for back

If you want to strike a minimalist look then try these square-cut back blouse designs.

17. Knotted Blouse Designs

blouse back designs

Shimmers and knots are the perfect combination for those who like to keep the style simple yet dazzling.

18. Bow Detailed Back

blouse neck

A blouse design that has a blouse back with a huge keyhole in the center and a bow is the finest choice.

19. Heavy Embroidery On the Back Blouse Designs

design of blouse

Don’t like the keyhole design? Ditch them and try these heavy embroideries on the back blouse designs.

20. Knot on The Back Blouse Designs

blouse designs back side

Try an elegant knot at the neck and a keyhole on the back with a ruffled sleeved blouse on any functions.

21. Back-Bone Back Blouse Designs

blouse back neck design

This back-bone blouse designs with numerous cutouts are the best choice for women who want to flaunt their perfect back.

22. Tassel detailed Back

blouse neck

Incorporate a few tassels or pom poms to your boring blouse and make it more charming.

23. Strapped back Blouse Designs

blouse back designs

The blouse designs with shining straps are really unique and trendy and will look good with a saree or a lehenga.

24. Unique Criss-Crossed

blouse back neck design

Trying to find something for the Haldi ceremony? Go for this stunning criss-cross patterned back blouse design.

25. Sensuous blouse designs for back

latest blouse designs for back

This heavily jeweled blouse with sensuous back and distinctive sleeves will surely turn some heads.

26. String Closure

String Closure

Well, a sexy back covered with a string closure blouse design looks awesome. It looks best with heavy and traditional sarees.

27. Tie Up With a Bow

Tie Up With a Bow

The tie-up with a bow blouse design looks great when you want to make a fusion with the traditional and the modern look.

28. Sheer Back Blouse Design

Sheer Back Blouse Design

The sheer back blouse design will add a sensational look to all your sarees.

29. Collar Back Blouse Design

Collar Back Blouse Design

Well, the collar back blouse design looks great with any traditional, formal and modern occasions.

30. Lace Back Blouse Design

Lace Back Blouse Design

The lace back blouse design looks perfect with any body shape. This looks great with chiffon and georgette sarees.

Lehenga Blouse Designs

1. Basic and Round Neck

blouse back side design

If you don’t want to pick something really fancy for your lehenga then try something minimal. Try this round neck blouse designs that will look pretty with any lehenga.

2. Felling cape sleeve on one shoulder

design of blouse

Try this one-shoulder blouse with a cape sleeve with your lehenga on any day-time function.

3. U Neck Blouse with Pearl Dropping

blouse back designs

We know, blouses with embellished borders never go out of fashion. So try these blouse designs where the borders are sewn with pearl droplets.

4. Peplum Blouse Designs

saree blouse

Peplum blouse designs are trending fashions amongst the brides nowadays. Try this with little jewelry on the ear only.

5. Full Embroideries

design of blouse

Try this fully embroidered blouse design which is neither too simple nor too loud.

6. Off-shoulder and Pretty

blouse pattern

Are you searching for a gorgeous yet simple outfit? Then you can pair this stunning off-shoulder blouse with golden lehengas and matching dupattas.

7. Sequin Embellishments and Sweetheart Neck Blouse Designs

saree blouse

Try this sweetheart neck blouse design with sequin embellishments that will look perfect on any occasion.

8. Beaded Blouse Designs with Furs

neck designs for blouse

This scintillating blouse that is outlined with pearl adornments and gorgeous fur will bring out the contemporary look on reception night.

9. Embroideries on the Back

blouse neck design

These finely detailed embroideries on the back will go perfect with a lesse gorgeous lehenga.

10. Back Hooked Blouse Designs

design of blouse

Back hook blouses are really comfortable. These elegant and heavy embroideries are like added benefits.

11. Off-shoulder and Side Straps

blouse back designs

Off-shoulder blouses are now trending worldwide. Pin this unique side-strapped blouse with the dupatta and make a bold statement on your wedding day.

12. Halter neck mirror work blouse designs

saree blouse

Try this mirror embellished sleeveless blouse with a halter neck and pair it with anything.

13. Off-shoulder with balloon sleeved Blouse Designs

design blouse

Try this off-shoulder blouse with fluffy balloon sleeves that will make your Mehendi days perfect.

14. Deep cut U back Blouse Designs

design of blouse

This deep cut U back blouse design is popular amongst the brides. Add or subtract tassels or latkans according to your personal choice.

15. Blouse Designs With Jhumka Embellishments

blouse back side design

Jhumki adorned blouse design looks extraordinary and is a perfect choice for brides who want to go traditional with their wedding look.

16. Laced Blouse with Draped Sleeves

blouse neck

Add a drape like sleeves on your laced blouse and make it perfect.

17. Off-shoulder with ruffled neckline blouse designs

blouse back neck designs

Want to go unique with your off-shoulder blouse? Ask your tailor to stitch the extra dupatta to your blouse’s neckline and you are ready to go.

18. Metallic Blouse Designs

blouse neck

Metallic blouses will add extra elegance and glamour to your outfit at any time. So grab one for yourself and pair it with a less glamorous lehenga.

19. Doli Blouse Traditional

blouse models

This blouse design has a cut work design where a bride is getting carried in a doli. Ask your tailor to stitch this type of personalized design on the back of the blouse.

20. No Neck Blouse Designs

saree blouse

You can always go for this evergreen zero neck blouse design. It will make your bridal look on point.

21. Cape Sleeves and Thread work Blouse Designs

blouse back neck design

Wear this pretty thread work blouse with cape extended sleeves on any day-time ceremony and you are all set to go.Wear this pretty thread work blouse with cape extended sleeves on any day-time ceremony and you are all set to go.

22. Fringed Blouse Designs

blouse neck

Try this modern look with all fringed and gold blouse on the night of your Mehndi ceremony.

23. Sabrina Blouse Designs with Silver Embellishments

design blouse

Look at the perfect sparkling details on the blouse! The silver embellishments made this mid-length sleeved blouse perfect for any ceremony.

24. Partly Sequinned and Sheer blouse back

neck designs for blouse

Sprinkle some sequins on your blouse’s back and it will make the most perfect stylish sheer blouse just like the following one.

25. Voluminous Ruffles and V Neck blouse

design of blouse

Highlight your boring V neck blouse with voluminous and wavy ruffles. Just look at the detailed patterns!

Saree Blouse Designs

1. Blouse Designs with Bateau Neck

saree blouse

Want to add elegance to the plain sheer net saree? Just get a bateau neck blouse. These blouse designs will look perfect with mirror work on the neck and sleeves.

2. Mirror work Blouse Designs

blouse pattern

Pair this gorgeous glimmering mirror worked blouse with any georgette saree of the same colour.

3. Overlapping Blouse Designs with Dori

latest blouse designs for back

The overlapping pattern on the back of the blouse with the detailed dori looks perfect for any saree. You can even use ornaments like latkans to bind with dori.

4. Halter Neck Blouse Designs

blouse pattern

This halter neck blouse is really pretty. It also has flowery ornaments on the front.

5. Button on the Back

neck designs for blouse

Are you searching for a blouse that is stylish and at the same time comfortable? Then go for this button-down blouse without thinking twice.

6. Double String Blouse Designs

blouse back designs

Just add two doris (strings) with latkan to the back of your blouse, one tied on the upper waist and other just below the neck (look at the picture).

7. Ruffled Sleeves and Plunging Neck

saree blouse

A perfect ruffle sleeve with a deep V neck blouse is a perfect choice for your bold and sassy look.

8. Cutwork and Bateau Neck

blouse back neck design

This multi-colored embroidered blouse with bateau neck looks best with any chiffon sarees.

9. Cape sleeved blouse designs

saree blouse

The basic V neck blouse with cape sleeves looks elegant and captivates our eyes.

10. Flap sleeved blouse designs

blouse designs back side

This shimmery golden blouse’s sleeve looks like a balloon flap and gives it a gorgeous look.

11. Backless Blouse Designs

blouse pattern

This backless blouse is perfect for a glam reception look and is best for all the fashionable women out there.

12. Strings and Pom Poms

blouses designs

Try this backless blouse with strings around the waist and cute pompom lace below the neck for a traditional yet modern look.

13. Inverted U Back blouse with Halter neck blouse designs

saree blouse

This blouse design contains an inverted U on the back and some strings with a halter neck.

14. Triangular Cut out Back blouse designs

saree blouse

Even a basic blouse will look glamorous with this perfect triangular cut out on the back.

15. Beaded blouse designs

blouse pattern

Try this flashy gold beaded blouse with a perfect cut out pattern at the back. Pair it with a suitable saree and you are ready to go to any occasion.

16. Full Sleeved Blouse Designs

blouses designs

This high neck full-sleeved blouse is too modish yet very basic and you will love to give this design a try.

17. Cape-Style Blouse Designs

Cape-Style Blouse Designs

This cape style blouse has a lacy floral pattern and looks perfect for a daytime ceremony.

18. Tasseled Back Blouse Designs

neck designs for blouse

Want to flaunt your perfect back, while wearing a saree? Try this backless blouse, it has a string on the upper waist and tassels below the neck.

19. Jacket Blouse Designs

design of blouse

This basic round neck jacket styled blouse is really unique and has an edgy hook on the front.

20. Strapped Blouse with Tassels

blouse back side design

Want to show your toned arms and collar bones. Go for this strapped blouse with tassels and metallic studs. It will look perfect with any same coloured saree.

21. Blouse with collar details

blouses designs

Wish to pair your printed organza saree? Then try this shawl-collar portrait velvet blouse with it. Wear it with heavy pieces of jewelry and you will be able to steal the show.

22. Zero Neck Full Sleeved Blouse Design

Zero Neck Full Sleeved Blouse Design

This zero neck full-sleeved blouse has a unique zardosi neckline. Pair it with any saree with the same colour.

23. Silk Blouse Round Neck

design of blouse

This silk blouse with round neck is perfect for pattu sarees. It is mostly loved amongst the south Indian brides.

24. Beaded blouse designs

neck designs for blouse

These beads on the border and sleeveless blouse can be paired with both sarees and lehengas.

25. Round Neck Embroidered

Round Neck Embroidered

This round neck blouse has an intricate tilla work and it will look perfect with any saree.

26. Velvety Sleeveless Blouse Design

Velvety Sleeveless Blouse Design

Try this velvety sleeveless blouse design which is perfect for trying at a winter wedding.

27. Beaded Neck sheer blouse design

blouse back neck design

Want to try something different? Try this cold shoulder blouse with a well-outlined neckline with beaded ornaments.

28. U Neck blouse with ghungroo on sleeves

U Neck blouse with ghungroo on sleeves

To pair up with a pattu saree try this gorgeous saree with ghungroos on the sleeves. This is the most popular amongst the brides in South Africa.

29. Strings with Latkans

Strings with Latkans

These blouse designs are in trend for quite a long time now. Pair this almost backless blouse with two strings and full sleeves with any saree and you will be ready to go.

30. Teardrop with hook Blouse Design

Teardrop with hook Blouse Design

Some blouse has a teardrop cut out pattern on the back and fine embroideries on the edges.

Latest Blouse Designs

1. Sheer Back Blouse Design

Sheer Back Blouse Design

Sheer fabric for blouse is super trendy right now. In these sheer back blouses, the fabric can cover the entire back or extend till the mid-length only. If you want a complete sheer back then get yourself a padded blouse. This sheer back style won’t look good with heavy sarees like Benarasis or silk sarees.

2. Back Slit Blouse Designs

Back Slit Blouse Designs

These type of blouse designs looks good with any printed cotton, silk sarees and perfect for any body type. The blouse has a slit till the mid-length and a hook below the neck. It is the finest choice for summer.

3. Boat Neckline blouse designs

blouse neck

The boat-shaped neckline blouse looks great on women who have a rounder torso. These round neck blouse designs can be combined with sheer back style and slit designs.

4. Window styled back

saree blouse

The cut-out design on the back looks great with a boat neckline or a high neckline. These blouses have a hook just below the neck. Get yourself a padded front blouse to flaunt your look.

5. Chinese collar blouse designs

Chinese collar blouse designs

Try this awesome blouse where the collar is close to the neck and has a shirt like the blouse design.

6. Halter Neck Blouse Designs

Halter Neck Blouse Designs

This halter neck blouse has a strap around the neck and threaded embroideries all over the body.

7. Heavily embellished with see-through sleeve

blouses designs

This blouse has full see-through sleeves that look hot yet elegant. If you want to wear a sheer blouse then just go for this one.

8. Shirt Blouse Design

Shirt Blouse Design

The combination of shirt and blouse are best for women who are conservative yet want to look stylish enough. This

9. Frilled Blouse Designs

blouse back neck design

This blouse has frilled loaded on the body. Though it looks a bit old and shabby, one with a different taste can try this design.

10. Metallic blouse with sheer neck

Metallic blouse with sheer neck

This metallic blouse has a sheer net covering all over it. The mid-length sleeve with a high neck looks elegant yet modern.

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We have picked a long list of blouse designs for you. Just screenshot your favourite one and run to your tailor fast! Also, tell us about your favourite pick from the list. Was it the perfect halter neck one or the belted one or some other? Don’t forget to share it with us.

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